Great reads on Bariatric Surgery

Last Sunday my son who is trying to lose weight asked me about bariatric surgery, what it is about .I tried and explained to him, how best I could. But I realized he could not make much out of it .We surgeons often explain things in medical jargons. We take it for granted that our patients have completely understood us. Many of our patients who come back for follow up ask us what procedure they really received.

We did asmall survey on our patients and had shocking revelations .one out of ten didn’teven know the exactname or details of the operation they had received.They thought all bariatric operations are same


My son is net savvy, as youngsters are. He found two good articles on bariatric surgery by Gina Kolata in New York Timesand mailed them for me to read. I found they are very interesting clear and informative. She has explained what bariatric surgery is in lucid details for a lay person. In other article Gina has followed the journey of two very different persons who had received bariatric surgery.

Quoting the opening lines:

It was Oct. 11, 2015, and a middle-aged man and a young woman, both severely obese, were struggling with the same lump-in-the-throat feeling. The next day they were going to have an irreversible operation. Were they on the threshold of a new beginning or a terrible mistake?”

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Welcome This New Year with a New Vision

As we come to the end of yet another year, today I would like to share something that I have learnt in the recent years. Now I feel and understand what elders use to mean by “getting mature with time”.

When you start reflecting about how your year went, when you start thinking that have you achieved enough, have you given your 100% to what you wanted to do or have you been able to satisfy your desire or hunger for all the things that are your priority, family, friends, relationships, work, passion, travel etc.? I think that is the time when you actually start feeling that, you have matured enough.

New Year is not just about celebrating the eve or partying around; it’s about introspection. We can say that, today we will talk about “The lost art of introspection.”

Introspection is the examination or observation of one’s own mental and emotional processes, as per Wikipedia. In simple words it means to pause and reflect about everything that has been done or you plan to do in all aspects of your life. It may be a recent business you have started or a new job you are about to join, it can even be a long standing relationship that you would like to think about.

Making new goals and analyzing the past ones is important. Each New Year brings a new positivity and a new beginning for you. It helps you grow, not just add more candles to your cake, but also more wisdom to your thoughts and actions. Helps you become a better human being, which should be the ultimate goal for all of us.

Welcome This New Year With A New Vision

Few simple steps on how to Self Reflect, it is not any rocket science…just some time to yourself!!!

  • Know your subject or topic: you should know what you actually want to think about, it could be your recent business model or change in your place. Being aware of what actually needs some amount of introspection and thought, makes your work easy.
  • Find a quiet and a comfortable place: Everyone has that “me”area. It can be a corner of your house or a bench in the nearby park or maybe just your car.
  • Make a note: it’s advised to just jot down all your thoughts on a piece of paper. Don’t worry about your handwriting, just keep going.
  • Count your blessings: In the end when you have written all your problems, all your thoughts are on the paper, then don’t forget to write all the positives happening in your life related to the issue don’t deviate. This will help you weigh both the sides and help you analyse the situation better.
  • Practice what you reflected: make sure you include all the thoughts and actions planned in your daily life, as once thoughts become reality, then is the time you would realize the magic they are doing for you.
  • Repeat: Repeat the entire cycle as and when you need to.

With these few tips, I wish all my dear ones a very Happy New Year. May this year bring out the best in you and help you achieve all your goals and fulfill all your dreams.

Good Luck!!

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”
– Aristotle

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