Obesity is a dying “weigh” of life

While having a conversation with one of my Bariatric patient in my office, I could not resist watching his cute and chubby boy fiddling with the fat analyzing machine. To distract his attention I called him and started a conversation with him. He too (like myself) had pets at his home and was very keen to talk about them. I asked him, so dear I believe you have two pets at home? And without a pause he said- yes, a dog named Buzo and a smaller pup called Mithi!! Wow, so ur an animal lover like me? He smiled back… So which is your favorite animal, I asked.. He paused for a while, looked up naughtily and said… “Fried chicken”!!

Childhood obesity in India and all over world is on a rise, we as elders, parents and doctors must act now and educate our kids about our good eating habits and the importance of physical exercise, for they are the building blocks for our better tomorrow. Kids need to go out and play, have healthy eating habits and taught the benefits of staying fit and the medical problems associated with being obese, as more than 70% of childhood obesity would lead on to adult obesity…

Remember.. Obesity is a dying “weigh” of life.!!

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