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Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery

Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass
Gastric Bypass Surgery is a procedure that creates a small pouch in the upper most part of the stomach to restrict food intake...
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Sleeve Gastrectomy
Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy (also known as Vertical Gastrectomy) is a procedure in which about 75%...
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Mini Gastric Bypass
Laparoscopic Mini Gastric Bypass also called Omega Loop Sleeve Bypass or Billroth-II Bypass is another form of Gastric Bypass...
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Banded Bariatric Procedures
The banded bypass surgery is a modification of the RYGB enhancing its restrictive component. The rationale for the...
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Gastric Banding
During the procedure, surgeons typically use laparoscopic techniques and instruments to implant an inflatable silicone band around ...
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Intra Gastric Balloon
Day care procedure for weight- loss, in which a small silicon balloon is placed in the stomach under endoscopic guidance, thus, there are no cuts or stitches.
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Surgery for Diabetes
Diabetes mellitus is a chronic relentless disease resulting from either decreased insulin production, or increased resistance...
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Dr. Atul Peters

About Dr. Peters

Dr. Atul N. C Peters is the Head & Senior Consultant at the Apollo Institute of Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery. He operates in India and Dubai. His particular areas of expertise include Laparoscopic & Robotic Bariatric Surgery (for Severe Obesity), Metabolic Surgery (for Diabeties) and GI Surgery. He is board certified by National Board of Surgery and holds professional fellowships/ memberships in various National & International Surgical societies.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Who are the candidates for weight loss surgery?

To qualify for surgery patients one must weigh 30 kgs more than their ideal body weight, or have a Body Mass Index greater than 37 without associated Diabetes / Hypertension or more than 32 with associated co morbidities. However, patients who weigh less than this may be considered for surgery as per new IDF (International Diabetes Federation) guidelines for Asians.

Who are the candidates for metabolic surgery or surgery for diabetes?

Candidate must have diagnosed type II Diabetes Mellitus which is not controlled with medicines and lifestyle changes, there is evidence of organ damage in the form of neuropathy or kidney disease, there must be sufficient insulin reserves on Investigations.

Why should I lose weight?

Today pre mature death rates are increased by 200% for men and women who are significantly overweight. Obesity causes or increases the risks of many diseases e.g. Diabetes, high BP, heart disease, joint pains etc

What are the options available to me?

Mild form of obesity can be treated with Diet, Exercise & Medication, however for people who are severely obese after conventional approaches to weight loss such as diet and exercise – have failed, or for patients who have obesity – related disease, surgery may be the best treatment option.

What are the long term results?

The Results of bariatric surgery are long term, studies performed at various bariatric surgical centers concluded that after Bariatric surgery most of the individuals suffering from morbid obesity can maintain more than 50 % of the excess weight loss and among these individuals almost 80 % of those who are suffering from super super morbid obesity are able to achieve more than 50 % of the excess weight loss.

After surgery, when can I resume work?

You could start your office/desk work after 3 days of surgery. If your job involves heavy lifting you may need to wait longer, possibly a week, though different patients behave differently post operatively.

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Success Stories
Ms. Usha Diwan
Mr. Raj Bakshi
Pinky Singh
Sunil Singhal
Mrs  Larai mohammad
Mahesh Bhutani
Mr. Peter Arthur
Mr Pankaj Sain
Mr & Mrs Sain
Ms. Seema Rana
Mr Uday
Mr. Vivek Sharma
Mr. Rajesh Kumar
Ms Indu Chhabra
Mr Jagmeet Kohli
Mr JPS Walia
Mr Narender Pal Singh
Mr. Ashish Ahuja
Mr. Dinesh Kumar
Mr. Gulshan
Mr. Himanshu
Ms Anuradha Agarwal
Mr. Shalabh Aggarwal
Sudha Jain
Suman Sabharwal
Usha Dalal
Suman Yadav
Simar Gulati
Shivani Sawhney
Kamaljeet Kaur
Leena Gupta
Madhu Jaiswal
Madhu Rastogi
Manish Mittal
Manju Tyagi
Manoj Kumar
Meenakshi Bhaskar
Mir Wali Khan
Ms Monis
Naseem Qureshi
Naval Kishore
Nimmi Batra
Mr Raj Kumar Goyal
Renu Kilhore
Ms Roshni Devi
Priyanka Chaddha
Prabha Garg
Mrs. Mamta Aggarwal
Mr.Manav Sachdeva
Mrs. Monika Singh
Mrs. Nasreen Abbas
Nidhi Garg
Mr. Naveen Kumar
Mr. Navpreet Singh
Ms Neelam Jindal
Mrs Neelam Singhal
Mrs. Neetu Gupta
Mrs. Prabha Arora
Mr Pushkar Grover
Mrs Rachna Malhotra
Mr. Ajay Bhandari
Mr. Akash Mahajan
Mr. Anil Jain
Mr. Anil Rai
Mrs. Anju Kataria
Anooj Kumar Mettal
Mrs. Anshu Jain
Ms. Arzu Ahmed
Mrs. Avinash Joshi
Mr. Bhagwat Rastogi
Mrs. Bindu Narang
Mrs. Charanjeet Kaur
Mrs. Deepa Mittal
Mr. Suresh Kumar Bhanot
Mr. Surinder Arora
Mr. U.C Mittal
Mrs. Uma Jain
Mrs. Usha Bansal
Mr Devender
Mr Dinesh
Mr. Gaurav Prabhakar
Mr. Jai ram
Mr. Harish Kumar Mangwani
Mr. Joginder Narang
Mr. Dinesh Malhotra
Mrs Harbans Kaur
Mr. Hardeep Singh
Mr. Harmeet Singh
Mrs Krishna Raniwas
Mr M. P. Goel
Ms. Santosh Rashtogi
Sanjay Arora
Ms. Vasudha Arora
Mr. Virender Kumar
Ms Neha Saxena
Mrs. Nitin
Mr. Ranjan Gupta
Ms. Roma Aggarwal
Mr Manish Gupta
Ms Manpreet
Mr. Amarjeet Singh
Mr. Amit Garg
Ms. Balpreet
Mr. Bharat
Mr. Jitender Verma
Ms. Shristi Sharma
Ms. Kanika
Ms. Veena Maggo
Mr. Vishakh Sharma
Ms. Pooja Gupta
Mr Sunil Kumar
Ms Angela Beard
Ms Bakayako
Mr & Mrs Gupta
*Please know that information on https://www.atulpeters.com is provided for informational purposes only. It is most certainly not meant to substitute medical advice of any kind that would provided by your physician or other medical professional.
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Do we devote enough time to our society and ourselves?

In today’s busy lives, we tend to forget our duties and responsibilities towards our country. Paying taxes is not the only duty that is required to build our nation! We always demand to know what the country has done for us, but what we often fail to reflect is, “what we have done for the country”. Are we aware of the burning issues that our nation is facing in these trying times- does child labour, gender inequality, shortage of blood ,environment issues, feeding the hungry street dogs or keeping your surrounding clean rings a bell in your mind. As responsible citizens of our country have we done our bit to resolve any of these pressing problems?

Dr Atul Peters is a renowned and internationally acclaimed Bariatric and Metabolic surgeon. He has been in medical practice for close to 19 years now, where he has selflessly devoted his time and expertise to cure people, with his surgical skills, charisma and even music therapy. He proactively takes up important social causes every now and then; One constant thought that has been on his mind is to do something meaningful for health and up- liftmant of the down trodden in society. He believes in team spirit and taking everyone along, with this in mind Dr. Peters along with his team has now initiated this new campaign – "MERA VADA : We pledge to do our bit for the society and try to make some difference.

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